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A Virginia-based emerging leader in EdTech, Proctor360 enables companies and universities to administer tests remotely with peace of mind. Proctor360 enables test-takers to take any exam from the comfort of their own homes or offices while remote proctors ensure testing security through both software and hardware that minimize cheating and content theft.  

A focus on innovation...

Founded by industry veterans with successful backgrounds in live testing centers and with remote testing startups, Proctor360 provides efficient virtual testing processes focused on academic integrity. Proctor360’s team is always looking to improve and push the limits of remote testing.

The development of powerful patent-pending technologies and industry-leading SaaS products and services proves that innovation drives Proctor360 every single day.  

New technology for secure testing...

Proctor360's founders recognized the growing need for remote testing, and they accurately predicted that live testing centers would soon pale in comparison. While in-person testing centers strain maximum capacity, they also realized that existing virtual testing platforms failed to meet the needs of the industry.

This motivated them to create — and continue to better — Proctor360, its products, and its services.

The Proctor360 team has decades of experience with proctoring, both remotely and in-person. They are here to help make your remote testing process convenient, simple, and secure.

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