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A Secure Solution for Exams with Export Controlled Information
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Online Compliance Testing For Export Controlled Information Is Here

Deliver compliance training exams online with our U.S. proctors OR your YOUR STAFF in a secure GovCloud Environment

Proctor360 offers services for all of your national security needs-- including for Secure Server Testing for Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) and sensitive data regulated by ECI. Through our services including 360 Total View with our exclusive testing headset that captures the ENTIRE remote testing space during the exam, Multi-cam Proctoring that uses the candidate's cell phone as a secondary camera to capture an additional view of the test candidate's environment, Single Cam Proctoring, and SaaS Proctoring which allows your internal staff to proctor and record your employees' online exams for ultimate security, we can provide ECI-compliant remote proctoring solutions that can be administered through either our data security-trained US citizen proctors or your own staff through our SaaS platform.

Proctor360's online exam proctoring platform is an end-to-end solution.

Online Training Exams Now Available For ECI-regulated Industries

  • Easy onboarding with training materials (4-5 hours of materials with certification) for set up and/or proctoring with your own staff
  • Customizable proctor protocols
  • Compatible with many learning management systems or test engines
  • AWS tools and add-ons are leveraged
  • Scalable solutions to meet volume needs
  • Video and Sound Monitoring
  • Live, Record and Review, or AI based proctoring

Completely Secure Online Exam Proctoring

  • Built-in ID verification
  • All CUI and sensitive data are processed and stored on AWS GovCloud for as long as requested
  • Regular internal and external security penetration and load tests
  • Limited access, authorized personnel only (ECI-compliant and background checks on staff)
  • Separate accounts to store organization CUI and sensitive data individually
  • Export control policies in place around local or cloud servers

See How Easy It Is To Make The Transition To ECI-secure Online Testing

Protect sensitive information. Comply with regulations. Move your testing online.

Request a demo today and see why organizations like Exelon Nuclear and Accelerant Solutions work with Proctor360. We want to learn about your particular needs, and we'll walk you through the process of adopting the right solution for your organization.

A Flexible Range of Remote Proctoring Services

AI Auto-proctoring

  • THE Non-disruptive AI
  • Automated Check-in
  • Automated ID Verification
  • Records Screen, Cam, & Audio
  • Flags Potential Incidents
  • 24/7 Availability

Single Webcam Live

  • Live Proctor Check-in
  • Live Session Intervention
  • Records Screen, Cam, & Audio
  • Live Student Text & Audio Chat
  • Secure Exam Password Entry
  • 24/7 Availability

Multi-cam Live

  • Cell Phone as 2nd Camera!
  • Records All Views/Audio
  • See Candidate's Desktop
  • More Visibility = More Secure
  • See What The Webcam Can't
  • 24/7 Availability

360 Total View™

  • "Test Center Grade" Security
  • Patented Testing Headset
  • Captures the Entire Space
  • Records All Views/Audio
  • Online AND Paper Exams
  • 24/7 Availability

Proctoring Software

  • Designed For Testing Centers
  • Proctor Your Own Candidates
  • Built-in Scheduling
  • Live and AI Features
  • Live Student Text & Audio Chat
  • Affordable Per-Session Pricing

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