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Affordable and efficient exam proctoring with secure browsing features and automated scheduling
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Affordable & convenient security

Verify your candidates and monitor them securely with AI

Artificial intelligence offers an affordable and convenient way to monitor candidates during online exam sessions.  Candidates can schedule their exam sessions at any time, and the entire process of scheduling, check-in, and monitoring is fully automated.

Our AI Auto Proctoring service detects common behaviors in real time during the exam session and logs them for each test taker. At no time is the candidate interrupted, and all session incidents are fully reviewable from a web-based dashboard to determine accuracy.

AI Auto Proctoring Uses Webcam, Screen Share and Audio to monitor exam sessions
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Catch the most common attempts at misconduct

Featuring automated incident logging and full recording for review

We approach AI as an assistive technology that alerts you to potential incidents during an exam session, which is why we hide nothing from you.  Within minutes after an exam session is complete, the full recording of the session including separate video views of the webcam and screen activity is available for your review.  The system provides a log of potential incidents with screenshots, time stamps, and helpful flags so that you can review that portion of the session to determine if a violation has occurred.

In addition to detecting potential incidents, the system also provides optional secure browsing features that help prevent the test candidate from accessing external sites or materials as well as attempts to copy or paste information into and out of the exam itself.  These activities are blocked and logged for review.

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A unique approach to AI

Unlike some competitors, our AI engine does not save candidates’ biometric data, it does not disrupt the test session, and it remains a discreet automated monitor throughout, logging potential incidents for instructor review. It’s an efficient solution that avoids common challenges to AI proctoring such as excessive “false flags”, ethnicity bias, and test taker disruption. The platform also provides for secure browsing features that eliminate the necessity for third-party “lockdown browsers”.

AI Auto Proctored exams can be taken remotely from any private space.
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