Employee Spotlight: Winna Morgan, Test Administrator

Jul 07, ’22 | Written by Kranthi

Proctor360's team members are one of the most critical parts of what makes us so unique in the industry.  This week we're highlighting Winna Morgan, one of our test administrators who plays a valuable role in our customers' success with online testing.

How long have you worked at Proctor360 and what is your position?

I am a Proctor/Test Administrator and started at Proctor360 at the end of November 2021. I also serve as the primary point of contact between P360 and one of our client schools.

What is your team like?

We work together pretty closely and focus groups of proctors around specific exams so we’re very familiar with the test taker’s experience in the session. We're always looking out for each other and making sure our examinees are covered. Communication and teamwork are probably our two key principles. Without those we really can't provide great customer service.

What's your education/work background?

Art and computer sciences for education, and the never-dull world of customer service/retail. I served as a lab monitor during my federal work study in college, which is basically proctoring without tests.

What’s your favorite part of working at Proctor360?

Work flexibility.

What do you like the most about the remote proctoring industry?

The remote part! I still spend parts of my week in an office, but that I can work from home and help other people succeed without either of us having to drive hours and hours throughout the work week is pretty great, especially with rising gas prices. And as soon as rural broadband initiatives really get going, it's going to keep making higher education more accessible - including the exams and certifications needed. The COVID-19 pandemic has already been a game-changer, but the more access folks have to this sort of service the better.

Also my cat is my favorite coworker. Don't tell the others. It's not their fault.

What do you like to do outside of work?

If it's crafty, I have probably done it and might still be doing it. Gardening - despite spring splurges - is still cheaper than therapy. Plus you get tomatoes just as a start. The crocheted afghans and the plants in the office are all me. If my kitchen and fridge were bigger, I would bake way more.

Fun fact about yourself?

Hilariously enough, despite the amount of test takers I interact with regularly, I am not a people-person. Definitely a vampire, if you ask the sun.

Fun job fact?

I once caught five people taking their exam in the same apartment. The one student's stubbornness on the environment review really helped put it all together. Connecting the videos was amazing. What a day that was.

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