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Transforming Online Exam Proctoring With True "Test Center Grade" Security

Jan 18, ’24 | Written by Scott Crumpler

Go ahead.  Ask your current proctoring provider if they will let you access your candidates' live exam sessions while they're being proctored.  Won't happen-- except with Proctor360.  There is a lot of smoke and mirrors in this industry, but not here.  Our cloud-based platform truly supports live proctored test monitoring with no installed software and ZERO tricks.

A New Era in Test Integrity: Expanding Your Options and Security

In the world of remote proctoring, Proctor360 takes a transformative approach, emphasizing not just security but also transparency.  Our customers value the ability to audit their candidates' live exam sessions in real time as they're being proctored because no other provider offers the same kind of assurance that their exams are being administered securely.  We actively seek our customers' feedback on our performance so that we can continuously improve the service we provide, and by giving them real-time access to proctored sessions in progress, we don't ask for our customers' trust-- we earn it.

With our platform's ability to integrate multiple test engines, Proctor360 offers compatibility across various digital platforms that frees organizations to use the tools they trust. This ensures that organizations can leverage their preferred testing and candidate management tools without compromising on security or functionality.

Independence breeds value.

What sets Proctor360 apart is its status as an independent company. This independence affords organizations the luxury of choice, allowing them to select a proctoring solution that best fits their unique needs and preferences without being tied to a single provider or platform. This flexibility is critical in today's environment, where the ability to adapt and tailor services to specific requirements can significantly enhance the effectiveness and integrity of online certification exams.

By offering a suite of advanced proctoring technologies and maintaining a stance of neutrality and independence, Proctor360 provides certification bodies with a powerful tool to uphold the highest standards of exam security, while also giving them the freedom to choose the best path forward for their programs.

Accessibility and Security: Elevating the Standard

In our commitment to inclusivity, Proctor360's platform shines by being extensively compatible with screen readers and a variety of assistive devices as it boasts full WCAG 2.1 AA compliance. This ensures that every candidate, regardless of physical ability, can navigate through their exams seamlessly and without undue stress.

Beyond mere compatibility, Proctor360 adopts a modular approach in configuring exams for proctoring. This flexibility allows organizations and administrators to tailor virtually every aspect of the proctored testing experience to suit their needs.  Your organization should not have to settle for unreasonable limitations.  Whether it's adjusting exam times, providing clear proctor instructions, delineating allowed materials, or selecting specific security features on an individual basis,  Proctor360 empowers test publishers to create an accessible and equitable testing experience for all participants. This level of customization underscores our dedication to upholding not only the security but also the fairness and inclusivity of the certification process.

A Superior Proctored Testing Experience

Proctor360's cloud-based platform takes user-friendliness to the next level, particularly during Live Proctoring sessions. Like most vendors, Proctor360's platform features text-based chat between the proctor and the test taker.  But what about those times when text-based communication falls short during an exam session?  Candidates can engage in live audio calls with their proctor directly through the browser, making technical issues and other concerns more easy to resolve.  This feature is seamlessly integrated and recorded alongside the exam session, ensuring transparency and accountability. The platform's design not only simplifies the examination process for test-takers but also enhances the oversight capabilities for administrators, making it a comprehensive solution for modern remote proctoring needs.

A Tailored Online Proctoring Solution: Flexibility and Integration

Our platform is designed with modularity and flexibility in order to cater specifically to your operational requirements. For organizations that already utilize test delivery software, Proctor360 can seamlessly integrate with your existing systems, ensuring a smooth transition and operation. Alternatively, for those seeking a comprehensive option from a single provider, Proctor360 can act as a Single Vendor Solution. This includes not just remote proctoring, but also item banking, candidate management, and test delivery, all through integrated channel partner platforms. This dual approach allows us to serve as either a standalone component of your assessment ecosystem or as a holistic solution provider, depending on your organization's needs.

Transforming Online Exam Security and Trust

Proctor360 is becoming a transformative force in remote proctoring, providing secure, flexible, and comprehensive solutions tailored to the needs of professional certification bodies. By integrating multiple test engines, offering extensive accessibility features, and enabling seamless communication during live proctoring, Proctor360 ensures a fair, inclusive, and efficient testing experience. Whether organizations prefer to integrate their existing test delivery software or utilize Proctor360 as a single vendor solution, we stand ready to adapt to diverse requirements.

Proctor360's commitment to maintaining the highest standards of exam integrity and security, alongside our dedication to customer service, positions us as an ideal partner for organizations aiming to navigate the complexities of remote certification exams with confidence and ease.

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