Proctor360 Demos Remote Proctoring Tech in Live Streaming Soft Launch

Feb 25, ’19 | Written by Kranthi

Tech startup Proctor360 will conduct a live demonstration of their patent pending technology for industry partners, potential customers, and interested investors at 12:00 PM EST on February 28, 2019 in a soft launch event. The presentation will be held at the Mason Enterprise Center in Fairfax, VA and will be live streamed online.

Their product consists of a uniquely designed headset which incorporates a 360° camera, speaker, and microphone to provide remote test proctors with a complete view of the testing environment during online exams. It works in conjunction with their software platform which the company’s proctors use to monitor and record all inputs and archive them for future review.

Current remote proctoring services only use standard webcams, which provide too narrow a field of view to completely guard against cheating, and this means that most professional certification exams and crucial academic tests still require E-Learning students to travel to a live testing center in order to take these kinds of tests. Proctor360’s new product will provide the total reliability of secure, live proctoring with the cost-savings and convenience of online testing.

CEO Ganga Bathula commented, “Computer-based testing is a 42 billion dollar industry worldwide, and the technology for remote online testing hasn’t changed much over the past decade. Our product offers the kind of secure testing experience that professional certification organizations require but haven’t been satisfied with from the old technology. We believe our technology will open up remote proctoring for these organizations, allowing candidates to take any exam anywhere in the world.”

Bathula knows the industry well as he currently operates two live testing centers in the Washington, D.C. area, and he has partnered with successful proctoring tech entrepreneur Don Kassner, who has enjoyed success in the remote testing industry having founded other successful startups. Kassner is COO of Proctor360.

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