Proctor360 Hailed as “Top Online Proctoring Service” Ahead of Product Launch

Feb 13, ’19 | Written by Kranthi

Learning Light, a leader in eLearning strategy, featured Proctor360 in an article this week covering cutting edge companies in the Online Proctoring segment, and they’ve singled us out as a “game-changer” in the market!  Learning Light consults for organizations to implement best-practice eLearning systems, and they recognize the value of our product and technology to the marketplace.  As we approach the soft launch of our product, they’ve taken the extraordinary step of including Proctor360 in their list of Top Online Proctoring Services worldwide.

Here are the highlights:

  • “The global computer based assessment market is worth an estimated $42 billion. It is forecast to grow very strongly due to the increasing internationalization of education, increasing MOOC usage, and the demand for certification and regular re-certification from an increasing number of professionals.”
  • “We see remote invigilation – live, online identification and monitoring of the candidate taking an exam – as the next step for computer based assessment. Both in terms of technology and convenience, we believe this $42 billion market is ready to be tapped by remote invigilation.“
  • “New technology that uses a lightweight headset with a 360 degree camera has been developed by Proctor360, and this could be a game-changer for the market. The headset can be mailed out to learners for their examinations, then returned for refurbishment and mailing out to the next student. “

What does this mean to our investors?

It means you’re not alone in recognizing the potential value of our product to the market.  Industry experts see our technology as a major leap forward, and we see recognition like this as a real validation of the investment you make in Proctor360.

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