Proctor360 Praises FBI’s Operation Varsity Blues – Points to New Technology for Secure Exam Solutions

Mar 12, ’19 | Written by Kranthi

In the wake of today’s explosive announcement from the FBI about Operation Varsity Blues, testing tech company Proctor360 praises the work of law enforcement to bring the alleged criminals to justice. 46 people, including Hollywood actors and certified exam administrators, were charged with felony counts of fraud in federal court for participating in an elaborate scheme to cheat college entrance exams.

William Rick Singer, the man alleged to have organized the conspiracy, claimed to have control over multiple proctored testing centers where his clients could cheat college entrance exams.

“Cheating on the SATs or ACTs goes far beyond dishonesty,“ says CEO Ganga Bathula. “For every student who gained entrance to their college of choice by cheating and fraud, another student was denied the college education they rightfully earned. It also calls into question the validity of certified exams across the board– making it more difficult for honest students to validate the education they’ve worked so hard to attain.”

Proctor360, a tech startup based in the Washington DC area whose founders include a former university president and an operator of two live testing centers, has developed a new product for the remote testing industry.  It allows certified exams to be taken from anywhere while giving remote proctors a 360° view of the testing environment that is recorded and archived for future review.

COO Don Kassner commented, “We take cheating very seriously, and today’s announcement from the FBI has shown that even live testing centers can be unreliable when it comes to secure exams. At Proctor360, we strive to develop exam solutions that can prevent this kind of criminally fraudulent activity no matter where an exam is taken.”

Globally, computer-based testing is a 42 billion dollar industry, and Proctor360 believes that investing in new technology that eliminates the vulnerabilities of current testing methods is the surest way to prevent future criminal acts like these.

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