Supporting Student Success With LMS Integration For Remote Proctoring

Jun 02, ’22 | Written by Kranthi

Whether it's a weekly quiz, a mid-term, or a critical final exam, test day is often stressful for students.  And while proctoring is important for exam security and preventing academic dishonesty, it's important to remember that student success can be affected by the way remote proctoring is implemented for online testing.  By integrating the remote proctoring software into the LMS used for the online course, schools can reduce stress for test takers by enabling them to seamlessly work with a user interface that they are already familiar with.

University World News published an article in 2020 examining the effect of remote proctoring on student test anxiety, and they concluded that when it's implemented the right way, students can perform well:

Any change or new technology can cause concern when it is being used for the first time. However, when online proctoring is implemented to the high standards outlined above, research has shown virtually no difference between how candidates rate the experience of onsite or online proctoring, and no difference at all in test results.

What this tells us is that, as an innovator in the remote proctoring industry, we should always be looking for ways to reduce the burden on the student.  They shouldn't need additional software.  The registration process for proctored exams should be simple and straightforward.  And, perhaps most importantly, it should integrate with the online learning tools with which they've already grown comfortable and familiar.

The Learning Management System a school employs for online courses is a tool most students learn to use early and often.  Most of their online exams are taken within the LMS course environment or linked to external publishers from the course module, and they get used to this test taking experience fairly quickly.  So integrating the process of registering for and scheduling proctored exam sessions withing the LMS course can make the student exam experience more convenient and less stressful.

Proctor360 offers LMS integration with all the major Learning Management Systems-- including Canvas, Blackboard, Brightspace, and Moodle-- providing a streamlined single sign-on experience for students. The integration takes care of the scheduling and facilitating the online exam session, and instructors can rest assured knowing that they do not need to learn how to use a different interface to add remote proctoring to a Canvas exam. Once remote proctoring has been configured within Canvas for a test, the student simply clicks the link in the course, schedules their exam session, and then takes the exam at the scheduled time directly within the Canvas environment.

Learn more about how Proctor360's platform integrates with the Canvas LMS and how instructors can actively engage in remote proctoring for their own students' online exams.

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