Scott Crumpler Joins Tech Startup Proctor360 as Advisor

Feb 13, ’19 | Written by Kranthi

Scott Crumpler has joined the remote testing tech company Proctor360 as an advisor as they begin seeking investment for their 360° online test proctoring technology. Scott’s twenty year career as a marketing professional has spanned multiple roles helping companies to develop successful strategies at various stages. As Proctor360 prepares to launch their patent pending hardware for secure online testing, Scott Crumpler will advise them on funding strategy and initial market penetration.

“I’ve maintained a successful career, because I choose very carefully the companies I work with at the startup stage,” commented Scott, who last year shepherded Jinglz Inc. through their top-performing Equity Crowdfunding campaign on StartEngine as their Senior Marketing & Business Intelligence Strategist. “Proctor360 has developed technology for the online learning & testing market that will dramatically improve security and proctoring in remote testing environments. In a landscape where required professional certifications are becoming more and more prevalent, Proctor360 is introducing a product that reduces the cost of secure testing while also improving the validity of online test results. That’s huge.”

Proctor360 CEO, Ganga Bathula, is uniquely suited to lead a company into this marketplace, as he currently operates two traditional certification testing centers in the Washington D.C. area and has also been developing enterprise-level ERP software solutions for over fifteen years. “Over the next five or six years, the online testing industry is expected to grow to ten billion dollars. With Scott Crumpler’s help, we’ll fund the launch of our 360° monitoring technology for at-home online testing, and we’ll be the first to market with this kind of product.”

Proctor360’s patent pending headset uses a 360° camera to gain a complete view of a remote online testing space, such as the test-takers home or office. The headset consists of the 360° camera, a mic to enable listening of the space, and a speaker to communicate with the tester. This coupled with a computer camera and lockout web browser allows their remote proctoring platform to monitor the entire testing environment.

Proctor360 is currently seeking funding via a StartEngine campaign at

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