Standing Apart In An Industry Of Homogenized Online Proctoring

Oct 06, ’23 | Written by Scott Crumpler

In recent years, the sweeping adoption of online testing has transformed both Higher Education and Professional Certification landscapes. This shift, undeniably, has unlocked doors to education and professional growth for a more inclusive, global audience, catalyzing not just individual progress but also bolstering our global community and economy. Yet, as this landscape continues to evolve, a monumental challenge remains: ensuring the authenticity and integrity of online tests and the subsequent credentials awarded.

Proctoring innovation is crucial, but often ignored.

At the heart of this challenge lies remote proctoring technology. While it is essential to online testing integrity, the industry's trajectory has been somewhat concerning. A vast majority of remote proctoring providers have settled for superficial solutions, often prioritizing profitability over genuine commitment to online testing security and equity with in-person testing.

Adding to the concerns, the industry has witnessed a consolidation trend where proctoring platforms are being acquired by industry behemoths.  Such acquisitions can potentially leave the clients of the acquired companies in a difficult position where they must choose to either accept services they previously abandoned or be faced with fewer competing options in the marketplace that can meet their needs.

The homogenization that can occur when umbrella companies fold acquired customers into their existing products to achieve financial efficiencies poses a significant threat to proctoring innovation. It jeopardizes the crucial need for “Test Center Grade” security solutions. Amidst this backdrop, online learning programs and certification bodies find themselves in a predicament, having to choose from a narrowing pool of proctoring providers that increasingly sideline the core principle of integrity.

Proctor360 stands apart.

Five years into our journey as pioneers in remote proctoring, we're forging a different path. While others merge and homogenize, we're committed to continual innovation, developing technology and tools designed to enhance integrity during the online testing process. A growing number of schools, enterprises, and organizations are making the switch to Proctor360, recognizing our unparalleled ease of use, versatility, and a range of proctoring options that ensure the highest standards of online test security.

Our mission is crystal clear. We aim to bridge the gap between the enormous potential of online learning and testing and the uncompromised assurance of integrity. For organizations who are not happy with the continual rollup of proctoring providers that ignore their need for strong customer support, flexible and secure solutions, and stability that provide a consistent experience for their students and test candidates should look to Proctor360.

Forging ahead as a superior alternative

As the remote proctoring industry continues its trajectory towards consolidation and homogenization, Proctor360 stands firm in its commitment. Proctor360 will always be focused on our mission and work to deliver the most credible and secure solutions at every level of proctoring, from AI through multiple live proctoring options that exceed industry standards of quality and security. Because for us, integrity isn't just a buzzword—it's the reason we're here.

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