Proctor360 Becomes Awarded Vendor for TIPS Purchasing Cooperative

Jun 09, ’21 | Written by Kranthi

RICHMOND, Va. - June 9, 2021 - PRLog -- On Thursday, May 27th, Proctor360 was awarded a three-year vendor contract for providing online exam proctoring to members of the The Interlocal Purchasing System (TIPS)-- a national cooperative that provides access to competitive procurement for education, government, and non-profit agencies. As an "Awarded Vendor", Proctor360 can now offer its broad range of remote proctoring services to a national network of public entities without the delay of a typical bidding process.

CEO Ganga Bathula emphasized the value of this opportunity both for Proctor360 and for TIPS members saying, "As an emerging innovator in remote proctoring technology, this vendor contract helps us make our services available to many public education and training programs nationwide. These institutions have the benefit of knowing that we've already passed TIPS's review by a 7-member board of directors and meet their strict competitive procurement process guidelines."

The Interlocal Purchasing System began as a small regional cooperative of the Region 8 Education Service Center in Texas and remains a public entity to this day. Now, however, it has grown far beyond its initial vision and helps procure education related services for public entities across the United States. It carefully reviews all potential vendors to ensure quality and competitive procurement compliance that makes purchasing a much more streamlined and affordable process for its members.

Proctor360 is a new player in the rapidly growing remote proctoring industry, which is projected by MAResearch to exceed $1 billion by 2026. As more and more schools and training programs seek ways to maintain online exam integrity, Proctor360 has introduced unique services that are already in use by a growing list of customers that includes Brigham Young University, Taft Law School, Florida State College at Jacksonville, Excelon Nuclear, and the Association of Finance and Insurance Professionals' certification.

"Everybody in the remote proctoring industry is still mainly offering some form of single webcam service," says CTO Kranthi Bathula. "That's fine for less critical exams, but we've taken remote proctoring further. Our Total View service uses our patent-pending testing headset to give our proctors a complete view of the test taker's environment during crucial exams. And for testing centers and training programs who have their own proctors, we've also launched our Institutional SaaS service that allows them to use our cloud-based proctoring software to monitor their students' online exams themselves."

Ganga added, "Our goal is to make online exams just as secure as if they were taken in person with live proctors. With E-Learning playing a growing role in the future of education, we want to make sure that the integrity of online exams keeps that education meaningful. That goal keeps us focused on developing the most secure, well supported, and broadest range of services possible."

TIPS members can gain access to Proctor360's services through the TIPS Member portal and can learn more about their wide range of services on their website at

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