University of Arkansas Testing Services Chooses Proctor360 Platform

Dec 16, ’22 | Written by Scott Crumpler

We're proud to announce that the University of Arkansas Testing Services Department has chosen Proctor360's platform for online exam  proctoring!  Our Institutional SaaS Remote Proctoring platform will empower the Testing Services Department's staff in an increasingly online world of education to continue to be engaged in its students' most critical exams - even when the tests are taken remotely.

Our cloud-based software is unique in that we've designed it so that Testing Center staff and academic faculty can proctor their own students' exams online.  It features complete flexibility to choose between AI and Live proctoring along with a range of sophisticated test security features. Prior to contracting with Proctor360, the Testing Services staff at University of Arkansas' Graduate School & International Education department were struggling to provide proctoring services via video conferencing tools like Microsoft Teams for online test sessions.  Proctor360's platform will enable them to scale their proctoring operation while making it more efficient and a far better experience for their students.

Testing Services are an important part of maintaining the credibility of higher learning institutions' testing operations, but many are struggling to find the right tools to proctor exams securely as more and more academic testing is conducted online.  Our Institutional SaaS Remote Proctoring platform provides the flexibility and efficiency for Test Center staff to adapt and remain engaged with the student testing experience.

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