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Accessibility in Remote Proctoring

While deciding among remote proctoring services, it is important to figure out what platforms best align with your principles and are best prepared to help and improve the test-taking experience for your students. In particular, accessible web content is crucial to ensuring a fair exam experience…

Published: Jul 15, 2021

Preparing For Remote Proctoring: What the Student Needs

In order to ensure that your students are experiencing the least possible impact on their testing experience as they adapt to remotely proctored exams, it’s important to understand what they’ll need. Here are some things to consider when preparing your students for online testing with remote procto…

Published: Jun 29, 2021

Proctor360 Becomes Awarded Vendor for TIPS Purchasing Cooperative

This emerging EdTech company is disrupting the rapidly growing remote proctoring industry and can now offer the TIPS nationwide collective of public entities its services directly via the three-year contract award. This emerging EdTech company is disrupting the rapidly growing remote proctoring ind…

Published: Jun 09, 2021

Academic Dishonesty on the Rise

The movement towards remote learning has coincided with a rise in cases of academic dishonesty. According to a survey conducted by Wiley in May of last year, 93% of instructors surveyed think students are more likely to cheat online than in person. Proctor360 takes a look at this rise in cheating…

Published: May 07, 2021

Exploring The Ethics Of Artificial Intelligence In Remote Testing

Innovations in E-Learning have already been transforming the way organizations deliver online tests, but remote proctoring struggles with transparency, data privacy, and biased artificial intelligence (AI). Learn how to address these challenges and how the industry can work to ensure a fair and sec…

Published: Apr 22, 2021

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